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Sri Gordhan
     A transformational intuitive coach offering services globally.

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You have arrived at my website and no doubt looking to find out more about me and how I could help you.

I am uniquely able to assist others in providing insights to issues a person may be
facing and am passionate about this. This is undertaken by utilising my significantly intuitive abilities together with my counselling skills. The guidance may take many forms such as insights or understanding and then solutions tailored to an individual’s needs. The objective of my work is to provide the person with the knowledge and tools to approach life in a free and empowered way thereby overcoming their limitations i.e. transform their life.

In addition to accessing information from your current life, a key service I am able to offer is access to past life information via the Akashic Records. This information can certainly overcome significantly limiting beliefs, issues and behaviours.

Making a difference to your life!

UPDATE: My new book "We Are Our Children" provides insights into the many clients I have seen over the years and the techniques I have provided them with which has changed their lives. To be on the mailing list and purchase a signed copy of the book when it is available (early 2017), please complete the details below.

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