Sri Gordhan
     A transformational intuitive coach offering services globally.

Courses & Development

I offer one to one consultations, development circles and specific courses.

I do recommend one to one consultations as it provides individuals an ability to undertake to resolve their issue or development based on their unique needs.  Full details and associated options are covered under the Services and Rates page.     

Development Circles
I host weekly development circles whereby individuals can under to develop within a group environment.  The development circles utilise tools available through spirituality e.g. meditation, inner guidance etc. Enrolment and further information is available via Facebook's Sri's Development Workshops and Events group.  This is a low cost method which enable individuals to develop their spirituality and personal growth.

Development Courses
I undertake specific development courses in a number of areas of spirituality. Participants have rated his courses at least 4.5 out of 5. Courses have been recently further refined and participants average rating has been 4.9 out of 5. Enrolment and further information is available again on the Facebook Group

Information on Development Circles and Courses can be accessed through the Meet Up group website which not only has Sri's but other workshops and courses offered by the School of Spirituality: 

Schedule of Events






7.00pm - 9.30 pm

Development Circle (check Facebook Group)

Once a month

10am - 5pm

Learn how to develop your Psychic and Clairvoyant abilities. Various locations globally and please request details. 

Once a month 

10am - 5pm 

Learn how to undertake remote viewing and psychometry Various locations globally and please request details.

Once a month 

10am - 5pm 

Learn how to accessing the Akashic Records (check Various locations globally and please request details.
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